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Girl on a Budget: Retro Tootsies

16 Feb

Payless shoes has always been hit or miss for me, and to be quite honest I don’t stop in there much at all these days.  Lucky for me I did just a couple of days ago, and seemed to hit the shoe jackpot!  I stocked up on these cute AND comfortable styles at super cheap prices!!

Payless Shoes

Vegas Wedding: In the Works!

21 Dec

After recently getting engaged, my fiance and I both opted for a small, none traditional wedding.  Great to say our first thought that came to mind was VEGAS!  Plans are coming together quite nicely if I might say so myself, and the stress level has been kept to a minimum.  We are inviting close friends and family only, and will be saying our vows at the Shalimar Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Accomplishments thus far have included getting out invitations, booking hotel and airfare, booking the chapel, getting my dress, and a restaurant for after the ceremony.  Coming soon will be snapshot play by plays of my planning process, and hopefully progress as my date of March, 22nd 2013 creeps closer.  I have done my fair share of blog reading; on weddings, Vegas weddings, dresses, destination weddings, etc., as I am not your typical bride, when I did find a blog with good info I was more than pleased.  My taste is different, and definitely not every ones cup of tea, but here it shall be for those of you whose cup of tea it might be!  Keep an eye out, as Vegas Wedding: Part 1 will be published soon!