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Maidenform… bringing back the girdle!

16 Feb

While on my quest to find functional, comfortable, AND sexy shapewear for my upcoming wedding, I came across Maidenforms Flexees brand 90th Anniversary Shapewear, and was I ever pleased!

 photo flexees-womens-90th-anniversary-half-slip_3738_500_zps763c4f78.jpg photo mf_1034-ivory_zps1fd40dcc.jpg

Now… I have stayed away from girdle type shapers in the past simply because I feel like I need most of my shaping in my middle.  The thought of a girdle cutting me in brings on visions of a can of busted biscuits more or less, so I haven’t even gone there!  What first brought be to even consider trying this on was A.  It was Flexees brand ( I have had good luck with them before), and B.  It was pretty!  Not expecting to have any luck I hauled it into the dressing room to give it a go, and was pleasantly surprised.  It went on without a fight.  For some reason I have it stuck in my head NO good shapewear goes on without an epic battle.  Not this thing, easy up.  The next thing that makes this girdle awesome, built-in undies!  The major thing I have noticed the built-in undies do is help the girdle ‘stay in place’ so to speak.  There is no migrating up-or down.  Best thing about this girdle is it does what it is supposed to do…. minimizes the pooch (or my mini fupa as I like to call it), and lifts the bum.  All of this happens MINUS the busted can of biscuits effect, amazing, right?  It hits right wear my natural waistline goes it, and is not tight; though it is not lose either.  And the cherry on top?  Attached stocking clips that are easily flipped under if you don’t intend on wearing stockings.

I am going to give this piece of shapewear a 4 out of 5.  It’ cute, retro, functional, and comfortable to boot.  The only reason I am not giving it a 5 is that I would say it offers more firm control, than extra firm control.  So if you’re not looking for a super duper sucker-inner, I would definitely give this a go!

This girdle comes in:  Ivory, Gray, Black