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When to Save, and When to Splurge: The Sequel

20 Feb

Some things are worth the extra dough, and some are such a steal it’s unbelievable!!

Save on these 2

Splurge 2


Product Picks: December

25 Dec

And here are Decembers Product Picks of the month!

First one goes to Aveda and their ‘pure abundance’ plumping potion. There are many powder type hair volumizErs on the market, but this one takes the cake. The reason I recommend this product over others is the way it makes your hair feel. Other powder volumizers give volume, but not without leaving your hair like you dumped a bottle of glue in it. With other products, you would be lucky to get a comb through your hair once the powder is in it. Pure abundance gives you the volume, without the nasty feel afterwords. It is light, and does not leave hair sticky or dirty afterwords. I am most definitely not one to splurge on spendy products when they are available in other brands for less, but this stuff is definitely worth the extra money.  Available where Aveda products are sold.


My second pick is E.L.F. Studio HD powder. I have used both this brand and Make Up Forevers version of the product and I can tell no difference. E.L.F. studio HD powder is a perfect setting powder. Once your foundation and concealer is on your face, and dry, use this product last on your face to set your make up. With oily/combination skin this REALLY helps to eliminate the oil slick you might get on your forehead after a couple of hours. I also use Studio HD powder for touch ups, just a few blots on my t-zone and my make up looks freshly applied again. Not bad for $6.00!  Available at Target.


Last, but not least is Revlon Just Bitten lip stain.  I am a HUGE, and long time fan of stains.  You get the color, without the ‘other’ (by other i mean the waxy buildup that transfers to everything your lips touch).  Applied once, a stain with last all day, and depending on how many layers you apply, you can achieve different colors.  My go-to all purpous stain has been Benetint.  It comes in a rather small jar with a brush tip applicator and can be used on your lips, and cheeks.  While this is all good and well it poses a problem for applying on the go.  I have also found the lip application to be not so precise.  With Revlon lip stain you get it in a felt tip pen like applicator, so your lines are perfect, and smooth; also perfect for applying on the fly!  Available at Target and walmart (and other mass retailers).


Black Soap=Happy Skin!

22 Dec

As a long time suffer of acne I have tried everything.  And by everything, I mean everything.  To know the total amount of money I have poured into perscription and over the counter products would send me over the edge!  While I feel fortunate that my acne is not as bad as it could be, it is still irritating and needs to vanish.  I have had acne since I was in high school, and it has slowly gotten worse as I have entered my mid twenties.  I have been through prescription pills and topical treatments, only to be left with insanely dry acne ridden skin.  I’ve used ProActive, and Murad with no luck.  While I did see a small improvement at first with Murad, after a couple of weeks my breakouts returned in full force.  I also saw minor improvements with Burts Bee’s acne line, but not enough to continue to use it after three months.  Other treatments I have tried were Hibiclense (antibacterial), zeno hot spot, Neutrogena Skin I.D., noxema, Aveno, Boots acne line, birth control, and the list could go on, and on.

For about a month now I have been using only black soap, and a natural astringent made of water and tea tree oil on my face.  The results have been slow coming but I really am noticing an over all improvement in my skin!  These products have left my skin a lot less oily, without completely over drying my skin.  The tone and color of my face seems a lot better, and the few blemishes I am getting are not nearly as bad as they usually are.  My pores appear to be much smaller, and a lot of the black heads I had have vanished.  I also use this on my back, as I tend to break out there every so often as well.  This is also a regimen you can use with confidence, as it is all natural!  No funky ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Black soap (also goes by African black soap, raw shae soap) is an all natural soap high in glycerin that also contains  coconut oil, cocoa, aloe, plantain peel ash (where it gets the dark color), and palm kernel oil.  It is packed with vitamins A & E, tocopherols and tocotrienol which protect skin cells against environmental damage, lauric acid which helps kill bacteria, and cinnamic acid from the shea butter that acts as a UV protectant.  The shae, aloe, and vitamin E are super moisterizing to the skin.



Make Up Picks: Roaring 20’s

21 Dec
Modern Victorian

This is how you make tons of eye make up look good! Too faced makes some great eye shadows in pigments that are rich, and stay put. Maybellines Lash Stilleto/High Heel mascaras add a lot of shine and length to lashes, and Avons pencil liners lay down a lot of color without the smudge. Some of my favorites for dark lips are lip stains, and Revlon Just Bitten lip stain comes in great colors. For a flawless, shine free face try Rimmels Stay Matte powder. Top off your look with a light pink blush to the apples of your cheek!

All Natural Astringent

21 Dec

I have added this astringent to my daily routine and am really happy about the results. I have tried close to all of the facial products on the market for acne and this by far has given me the best results. Witch hazel is a natural astringent, and combined with the antiseptic qualities of tea tree oil, the two give you just what you’re looking for minus all the additives, preservatives, and irritants in other ‘astringents’ on the market. The purpose of an astringent is to shrink and constrict the tissue, so what do you need all the other junk for that is in any bottle of astringent you have purchased at the store? What you will need is 1 bottle of witch hazel, found otc at any pharmacy, or stores like Walmart and Target. You can also find tea tree oil there. I mix 1 tablespoon of tea tree oil into 1 bottle (16 ounces) of witch hazel. Applied topically with a cotton ball at night, this stuff definitely beats any manufactured product. And it is 100% natural, so give it a try, and see for yourself!