Pretty in Pants

23 Feb


For me, shopping for jeans and pants is a rare, and typically agonizing experience.  I do not like jeans. Period. End of story.  But now a days some time situations just call for jeans, I have slowly come around and found a select few that I will wear!  This may sound odd, but the only denim pants I will wear must be ankle length, or rolled straight or skinny leg jeans.  No flared jeans, I missed that trend, thankfully.  And since I am about as particular about shoes as I am jeans, I have an odd and unexplainable aversion to floor length pants; I just don’t like them. For any of you who can relate to my inexplicable quirks, here are some jeans and pants that have miraculously found their way into my closet…. enjoy!

#1  Old Navy Rockstar jeans.  Love these jeans, they are definitely my favorite.  Why?  First of all, they are ankle length.  Second, they have amazing stretch, without being skin-tight, and without stretching out so you get the baggy butt thing going on after a couple of hours.  They come in a mid rise; this gal doesn’t do super low-rise, it’s not comfortable, and butt crack is for plumbers.  These jeans come in an assortment of colors and patters, love, love, love them.

#2  Mossimo Supply Co. (Target) Stretch Denim skinnies.  I also own several different washed of this jean, and this year they came out with a cute polka dot patterned pair.  These jeans are straight , and look great cuffed, also very suitable for curves, mid rise, and great through the hips.  I love these jeans because this one fit comes in multiple washes/styles.

#3  Dickies Ponte mock 5 pocket pant.  When I need to class it up a little more than jeans, Dickies pants never fail, comfortable, and durable, in a stretch ponte material with a 5 pocket look.  Comfy and classy!

#4.  Lauren Conrad stretch ponte pante (Kohls).  Can you tell I am a fan of ponte yet?  It’s like wearing stretch pants, only it’s suitable for public and they don;t make you look like a slob!  Ponte is always a good choice for a more dressed up look.



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