Rago 9357 Open Bottom Corselette

20 Feb
rago 9357

I am writing this post with mixed feelings.  For some time now I have read RAVE reviews about Rago shape wear   From what I had read, and seen, I decided to make my first purchase.  So here goes…

From the pictures online, this particular Rago piece looks FANTASTIC!  Retro styling, check.  Extra firm control, check.  Affordable, check.  I chose this item because it offered shaping in the areas I was looking for; bum, middle, and back.  Now I had read a lot of reviews, from multiple blogs, and websites costumer reviews, and quite honestly saw nothing that would caution me on this piece.  I went ahead and ordered according to their size chart (bra size), and anxiously awaited it’s arrival!

This is where I got myself in a pinch, literally.  Right out of the box, my first thoughts were no way in HELL is this going to fit.  I quickly put that thought aside as I remembered reading that the first attempt at getting into this was tricky-but worth it, and that the garment fit better with each wear.

So here are my thoughts…

I am tall, well tall-ish, at 5’9, 180lbs and wear a 36D.  I also have a fairly long torso.  I think these things worked against me with the garment, as it wouldn’t quite get over, or even half way down my curvy rear.  Perhaps with constant tugging it might make it a little further, but I am NOT a fan of constantly having to adjust my clothing, ESPECIALLY undergarments.  If I tugged it down enough, it came down to low in the armpit and back area creating strange bulges.  Next… and I knew this before ordering, the bust area is made with ample room, and would do well with a bullet bra underneath.  Sadly in this garment I was not feeling that nostalgic.  So basically, if I were a few inches shorter, with an average length torso, I really think this shaper would have been a much bigger hit with me.

On a positive note, the construction is top notch, and the price is even better.  Had my body shape been better suited I really think this shaper would be phenomenal   It says  it is an extra firm shaper, and I really think if it fit me right it would do just that.  This particular garment is ordered by bra size, so I didn’t think sizing up would do me any better as it already had ample room in that area.  I will certainly be giving Rago another go, this style just wasn’t for me!  I would give this shaper a 2 out of 5.  Again, the construction is GREAT, price GREAT, and I really think this garment has great potential for the right body time, perhaps someone with a few less curves, and a little less height than myself.

2 out of 5 rating.

Cost:  I got mine on sale at My Baby Jo’s for $36 and some change plus shipping, normally around $60.00

Comes in Black, White, Special Edition colors


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