Hello All…

3 Mar

Posting this month may be sparse due to the following:

I close on my house in 2 days. (yay!)

I will be moving, and this lady has TOO much stuff!

I have about 4 antique furniture pieces that need refinishing.

Oh and, I am getting married at the end of the month!

I will be posting lots of goodies when I return to reality. I will start to develop my Wedding portion of the blog. Also look for antique/furniture refurbs, or ‘upcycles’ as some refer to them as (I am not fond of that term). I have scored some pretty awesome flea market/salvation army/craigslist furniture in the last month or so and can not wait to get my hands on it and breathe a little life back into these amazing pieces. Fun times to come ‚̧

To pass the time, here are Sir Ohly Meynard, and Miss Lena Lou, Schnauzer royalty in these here parts! ūüôā

 photo 247571_1987386494513_1538823916_3297358_1456022_n.jpg     photo 296390_2305402444713_1538823916_3640302_782057078_n.jpg


Pretty in Pants

23 Feb


For me, shopping for jeans and pants is a rare, and typically agonizing experience.¬† I do not like jeans. Period. End of story.¬† But now a days some time situations just call for jeans, I have slowly come around and found a select few that I will wear!¬† This may sound odd, but the only denim pants I will wear must be ankle length, or rolled straight or skinny leg jeans.¬† No flared jeans, I missed that trend, thankfully.¬† And since I am about as particular about shoes as I am jeans, I have an odd and unexplainable aversion to floor length pants; I just don’t like them. For any of you who can relate to my inexplicable quirks, here are some jeans and pants that have miraculously found their way into my closet…. enjoy!

#1¬† Old Navy Rockstar jeans.¬† Love these jeans, they are definitely my favorite.¬† Why?¬† First of all, they are ankle length.¬† Second, they have amazing stretch, without being skin-tight, and without stretching out so you get the baggy butt thing going on after a couple of hours.¬† They come in a mid rise; this gal doesn’t do super low-rise, it’s not comfortable, and butt crack is for plumbers.¬† These jeans come in an assortment of colors and patters, love, love, love them.

#2  Mossimo Supply Co. (Target) Stretch Denim skinnies.  I also own several different washed of this jean, and this year they came out with a cute polka dot patterned pair.  These jeans are straight , and look great cuffed, also very suitable for curves, mid rise, and great through the hips.  I love these jeans because this one fit comes in multiple washes/styles.

#3  Dickies Ponte mock 5 pocket pant.  When I need to class it up a little more than jeans, Dickies pants never fail, comfortable, and durable, in a stretch ponte material with a 5 pocket look.  Comfy and classy!

#4.¬† Lauren Conrad stretch ponte pante (Kohls).¬† Can you tell I am a fan of ponte yet?¬† It’s like wearing stretch pants, only it’s suitable for public and they don;t make you look like a slob!¬† Ponte is always a good choice for a more dressed up look.


Rago 9357 Open Bottom Corselette

20 Feb
rago 9357

I am writing this post with mixed feelings. ¬†For some time now I have read RAVE reviews about Rago¬†shape wear¬† ¬†From what I had read, and seen, I decided to make my first purchase. ¬†So here goes…

From the pictures online, this particular Rago piece looks FANTASTIC! ¬†Retro styling, check. ¬†Extra firm control, check. ¬†Affordable, check. ¬†I chose this item because it offered shaping in the areas I was looking for; bum, middle, and back. ¬†Now I had read a lot of reviews, from multiple blogs, and websites costumer reviews, and quite honestly saw nothing that would caution me on this piece. ¬†I went ahead and ordered according to their size chart (bra size), and¬†anxiously¬†awaited it’s arrival!

This is where I got myself in a pinch, literally.  Right out of the box, my first thoughts were no way in HELL is this going to fit.  I quickly put that thought aside as I remembered reading that the first attempt at getting into this was tricky-but worth it, and that the garment fit better with each wear.

So here are my thoughts…

I am tall, well tall-ish, at 5’9, 180lbs and wear a 36D. ¬†I also have a fairly long torso. ¬†I think these things worked against me with the garment, as it¬†wouldn’t¬†quite get over, or even half way down my¬†curvy¬†rear. ¬†Perhaps with constant tugging it might make it a little further, but I am NOT a fan of constantly having to adjust my clothing, ESPECIALLY undergarments. ¬†If I tugged it down enough, it came down to low in the armpit and back area creating strange bulges. ¬†Next… and I knew this before ordering, the bust area is made with ample room, and would do well with a bullet bra underneath. ¬†Sadly in this garment I was not feeling¬†that¬†nostalgic. ¬†So basically, if I were a few inches shorter, with an average length torso, I really think this shaper would have been a much bigger hit with me.

On a¬†positive¬†note, the construction is top notch, and the price is even better. ¬†Had my body shape been better suited I really think this shaper would be¬†phenomenal¬† ¬†It says ¬†it is an extra firm shaper, and I really think if it fit me right it would do just that. ¬†This particular garment is ordered by bra size, so I didn’t think sizing up would do me any better as it already had ample room in that area. ¬†I will certainly be giving Rago another go, this style just wasn’t for me! ¬†I would give this shaper a 2 out of 5. ¬†Again, the construction is GREAT, price GREAT, and I really¬†think¬†this garment has great potential for the right body time, perhaps someone with a few less curves, and a little less¬†height¬†than myself.

2 out of 5 rating.

Cost: ¬†I got mine on sale at My Baby Jo’s for $36 and some change plus shipping, normally around $60.00

Comes in Black, White, Special Edition colors

When to Save, and When to Splurge: The Sequel

20 Feb

Some things are worth the extra dough, and some are such a steal it’s unbelievable!!

Save on these 2

Splurge 2

Retro Mama

16 Feb

Some classy looks while you’re dressing for two ūüėČ


BKE sequin shirt


Isabella oliver

Lucky brand shoes

Rockabilly Mamma1

Dorothy perkin


Bertie espadrille wedge

Paul s Boutique patent leather handbag

River Island bangle bracelet

Nautical jewelry

rockabilly mama2

Girl on a Budget: Dress to Impress

16 Feb

Brought to you Target!


Girl on a Budget: Retro Tootsies

16 Feb

Payless shoes has always been hit or miss for me, and to be quite honest I don’t stop in there much at all these days.¬† Lucky for me I did just a couple of days ago, and seemed to hit the shoe jackpot!¬† I stocked up on these cute AND comfortable styles at super cheap prices!!

Payless Shoes

Maidenform… bringing back the girdle!

16 Feb

While on my quest to find functional, comfortable, AND sexy shapewear for my upcoming wedding, I came across Maidenforms Flexees brand 90th Anniversary Shapewear, and was I ever pleased!

 photo flexees-womens-90th-anniversary-half-slip_3738_500_zps763c4f78.jpg photo mf_1034-ivory_zps1fd40dcc.jpg

Now… I have stayed away from girdle type shapers in the past simply because I feel like I need most of my shaping in my middle.¬† The thought of a girdle cutting me in brings on visions of a can of busted biscuits more or less, so I haven’t even gone there!¬† What first brought be to even consider trying this on was A.¬† It was Flexees¬†brand ( I have had good luck with them before), and B.¬† It was pretty!¬† Not expecting to have any luck I hauled it into the dressing room to give it a go, and was pleasantly surprised.¬† It went on without a fight.¬† For some reason I have it stuck in my head NO good shapewear¬†goes on without an epic battle.¬† Not this thing, easy up.¬† The next thing that makes this girdle awesome, built-in undies!¬† The major thing I have noticed the built-in undies do is help the girdle ‘stay in place’ so to speak.¬† There is no migrating up-or down.¬† Best thing about this girdle is it does what it is supposed to do…. minimizes the pooch (or my mini fupa as I like to call it), and lifts the bum.¬† All of this happens MINUS the busted can of biscuits effect, amazing, right?¬† It hits right wear my natural waistline goes it, and is not tight; though it is not lose either.¬† And the cherry on top?¬† Attached stocking clips that are easily flipped under if you don’t intend on wearing stockings.

I am going to give this piece of shapewear¬†a 4 out of 5.¬† It’ cute, retro, functional, and comfortable to boot.¬† The only reason I am not giving it a 5 is that I would say it offers more firm control, than extra firm control.¬† So if you’re not looking for a super duper sucker-inner, I would definitely give this a go!

This girdle comes in:  Ivory, Gray, Black

Product Picks: December

25 Dec

And here are Decembers Product Picks of the month!

First one goes to Aveda¬†and their ‘pure abundance’ plumping potion. There are many powder type hair volumizErs¬†on the market, but this one takes the cake. The reason I recommend¬†this product over others is the way it makes your hair feel. Other powder volumizers¬†give volume, but not without leaving your hair like you dumped a bottle of glue in it. With other products, you would be lucky to get a comb through your hair once¬†the powder is in it. Pure abundance gives you the volume, without the nasty feel afterwords. It is light, and does not leave hair sticky or dirty afterwords. I am most definitely¬†not one to splurge on spendy¬†products when they are available¬†in other brands for less, but this stuff is definitely worth the extra money.¬† Available where Aveda products are sold.


My second pick is E.L.F. Studio HD powder. I have used both this brand and Make Up Forevers version of the product and I can tell no difference. E.L.F. studio HD powder is a perfect setting powder. Once your foundation and concealer is on your face, and dry, use this product last on your face to set your make up. With oily/combination skin this REALLY helps to eliminate the oil slick you might get on your forehead after a couple of hours. I also use Studio HD powder for touch ups, just a few blots on my t-zone and my make up looks freshly applied again. Not bad for $6.00!  Available at Target.


Last, but not least is Revlon¬†Just Bitten lip stain.¬† I am a HUGE, and long time fan of stains.¬† You get the color, without the ‘other’ (by other i¬†mean the waxy buildup that transfers to everything your lips touch).¬† Applied once, a stain with last all day, and depending on how many layers you apply, you can achieve different colors.¬† My go-to all purpous¬†stain¬†has been¬†Benetint.¬† It comes in a rather small jar with a brush tip applicator and can be used on your lips, and cheeks.¬† While this is all good and well it poses a problem for applying on the go.¬† I have also found the lip application to be not so precise.¬† With Revlon lip stain you get it in a felt tip pen like applicator, so your lines are perfect, and smooth; also perfect for applying on the fly!¬† Available at Target and walmart (and other mass retailers).


The Perfect Pump

22 Dec

Brought to you by T.U.K. shoes. LOVE heels, but rarely do I find ones that you can put on with confidence knowing they will not torture your ‘souls’. These little red numbers (available in black as well) are the perfect pumps. The sturdy and slightly chunky heel really does it for me in the comfort department, along with the ankle trap, and bow. No blisters, or complaints with these, and the 3 3/4 inch heel is perfect for us tall gals. Stock up ladies!!81l03wJdDuL__SL1500__zps2022a39b
332031_2394345748240_420424518_o_zpscca164ebPurchase in Red
Purchase in Black